Stock Chaser

Manufacturer: Cushman • Category: Not Set


It's time to end the runaround. With a vast cargo deck, retrieving and moving small loads is easier than ever.  With the Stock Chaser, every nook and cranny of your facility is accessible fast. Navigate tight corners and narrow aisles with the agile design. Then, climb the integrated ladder to retrieve items from up above. When other vehicles refuse to make the trek, the Stock Chaser burden carrier does not relent.


Every inch of this vehicle is designed to help you get more out of every hour on the job.
  • 24V ELECTRIC DRIVETRAIN - Efficient yet robust power.
  • 4- AND 6-STEP LADDER OPTIONS - Choose the height you need for the job.
  • 9.6-SQ-FT CARGO DECK - Space for oversized loads.
  • DIAMOND-PLATED STEEL - Built to last.


  • 24V Electric Drivetrain
  • 1000-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 9.6-sq-ft Cargo Deck


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