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IC Cushion S20C/S25C/S30C/S32C S-SERIES

Manufacturer: Clark • Category: Forklifts / Lift Trucks


Our design standards have historically led the industry in innovation and firsts; the S-Series represents the next phase of lift truck design.
  • Interactive Dash
  • Built-In Reporting of Truck and Operator Performance via Optional Telemetry
  • Engine/Powertrain Protection
  • Integrated Systematic Service Tools
  • On-Board Reporting of Operator Controlled Functions


CLARK trucks are “Built to Last”; from our industrial designs to our legacy Dealers our combined strengths ensure a strong performance to your bottom line and overall lower cost of ownership.
  • Force-Cooled Wet Disc Brakes
  • Fully Welded Heavy Gauge Frame
  • Nested I-Beam Upright
  • 6-Roller Carriage
  • External Side-Thrust Rollers
  • Proven Steer Axles and Cooling Systems


CLARK makes your safety our priority.  Safety is and has been a cornerstone of CLARK design standards for over 100 years.  Our standards became the industry standards.  The S-Series innovates again with standard features including:
  • Automatically Applied Parking Brake
  • Speed Limit Control
  • Increased Visibility
  • Optional Rear View Camera
  • High-Visibility Orange Seat Belt
  • Designed with Optimal Center-of-Gravity to Enhance Truck Stability


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