Hauler PRO

Manufacturer: Cushman • Category: Specialty Vehicles


Bring a new level of productivity to each workday with a powerful 72V AC electric drivetrain and 50-mile range, plus optional IntelliBrake™ technology.  It's time to raise your expectations of electric-powered vehicles. With a 72V AC drivetrain that offers the hauling and hillclimbing power you need, the Hauler® PRO has the capacity to outperform its gas-powered competitors. Couple that with optional IntelliBrake™ technology, silent operation and zero-emissions, and the Hauler PRO quietly turns skeptics into believers


Every inch of this vehicle was designed to help you get more out of every hour on the job.
  • 72V AC ELECTRIC DRIVETRAIN - Unrivaled AC power, efficiency and a 50-mile range.
  • INTEGRATED TIE-DOWN SYSTEM - A series of tie-down locations make it easy to secure maintenance equipment or loose loads.
  • 12-CU-FT CARGO BED - Generous, customizable space for tools and supplies.
  • OPTIONAL BED DIVIDER - Highly customizable bed to maximize your load.
  • HIGHLY-FUNCTIONAL DASH - Industry-leading storage and control at your fingertips.
  •  ON-BOARD CHARGER - The flexibility to charge from anywhere.



  • 72V AC Electric Drivetrain
  • 1,200-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 800-lb Bed Load Capacity
  • 1,500-lb Towing Capacity
  • 12-cu-ft Cargo Bed
  • 2-Passenger Seating



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